RGS Kenya- Custom Clearance & Brokerage solutions


Removal Goods Services Kenya is a Licensed Customs Clearance & Brokerage company. We are fully licensed by the Kenya Revenue Authority to act on their behalf as their agents in revenue collection. We have great working relationships within Customs to ensure our customers goods are cleared smoothly and in the shortest time possible.

We are active members of the 5-Star Logistics Network as well as the International Freight & Warehousing Association (KIFWA) which is the Umbrella body formed by Customs Brokers in Kenya to address accountability, transparency, and efficiency in the industry. Through KIFWA, our status is safeguarded from unscrupulous dealers purporting to be players in the sector.

As licensed Customs Brokers, we are able recognized by the below Agencies in Kenya:

  • KRA (Customs) – Kenya Revenue Authority
  • Shipping Lines  – All shipping lines
  • Airlines – All Airlines
  • KPA – Kenya Ports Authority
  • CFS – Container Freight Stations (all 17 of them)
  • KEBS – Kenya Bureau of Standards
  • KEPHIS – Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service
  • The Kenya Police
  • Airport Ground Handlers

Our staff draws upon years of experience and expertise to help you manage the complexities of international trade and regulatory compliance.

With our assistance, you can now cross borders seamlessly by utilizing our customs clearance services and solutions, import and export security filings and compliance management expertise.